Member firms Kreston MDM and Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Adviseurs have recently announced an exciting partnership in the field of audit and assurance, connecting Serbia and the Netherlands.

Wouter Morsink, Partner Audit & Assurance at Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Adviseurs, commented‘Today we signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Kreston MDM in which we will work together within our Kreston Global network in the field of audit and assurance related services. An important part of the partnership is the support from Kreston MDM on national and international audit assignments. In addition, Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Adviseurs will support Kreston MDM in further developing data analytical technologies, for example using PowerBI. By cooperating with our partner in Belgrade, we can broaden the capacity in the Dutch audit practice, but also show that working together between Kreston Global members is not limited by borders. We at Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Adviseurs are very pleased with the partnership! Many thanks to our leaders Sebastian StavorinusDanny van Otichem and Jelena Mihic Munjic and Ivana Stolic. We are looking forward working together!’

By joining forces, these firms not only expand their own capabilities but also demonstrate the power of cross-border cooperation within the Kreston Global network. Such partnerships foster innovation, enhance expertise, and ultimately deliver greater value to clients and stakeholders. Together, they pave the way for a future where collaboration knows no boundaries, enabling industry-wide advancements and transformative outcomes.

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