About Us

Our Core Values

Kreston Albania is a business consulting services provider with careers available in Financial Services, including Accounting, Tax and Auditing Services, Employee Management Services, including Benefits & Insurance, and a wide range of other advisory services.


The Latin word “Kreston” means trust. People do business with the people they trust. Trust is fundamental to our success, and it encompasses the notion of “Knowing you”.


We are reliable in upholding the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings, as we promote transparency, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Client Empowerment

Empowering clients with financial knowledge and resources, providing them with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Sustainable Development

We have integrated sustainable practices into the firm's operations also encouraging clients to adopt environmentally and socially responsible accounting methods.

Forward Thinking

We anticipate and embrace emerging trends, technologies, and market changes to proactively shape the future of financial services.

What Defines Us

Thought leadership

Demonstrating thought leadership in the accounting profession, actively contributing to industry discussions, publishing insights, and sharing expertise to shape the future of accounting practices.

Agile & Adaptive

Embracing agility and adaptability to respond quickly to changing client needs, market conditions, and emerging trends in the accounting industry.

Global perspective

Embracing a global perspective and expertise, catering to clients with international operations or facilitating cross-border transactions, while understanding diverse cultural and regulatory environments.

Our Features


At our company, we go beyond simply offering expertise and experience. We combine these qualities with the energy and dedication of our staff to provide each client with close, personal, and professional attention.

Our commitment to delivering high-standard service sets us apart from other firms. We take pride in our specialized and highly skilled staff, who are the driving force behind our outstanding performance. To ensure that every client receives the best possible service, we leverage the expertise of our entire company.

Responsibility and Care

Responsibility and care are at the core of our approach. When businesses choose our company, they can rely on us to provide competent and timely advice.

We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes, including large, medium, and small enterprises, and government agencies. Through hard work and dedication, we have earned the respect of the business community.

This recognition is a testament to our diverse talents, unwavering commitment, and our ability to respond swiftly to our clients' needs.

Exceptional Excellence

Our reputation at Kreston Albania reflects the exceptionally high standards we hold ourselves to. As trusted advisors, our primary goal is to provide insightful advice that enables our clients to make informed decisions.

We understand the importance of continuous professional learning and strive to improve our financial expertise and business knowledge throughout our careers. By doing so, we ensure that we remain valuable, reliable, and trustworthy to all our clients.